Logo Design for Kenzi


Business name:



Salon and Spa Suppliers

Client's requirement:

The UK client is an organic cosmetic group that manufactures and supplies wide range of nails and nail implements, disposables and consumables, skin care spa and waxing. The client approached our team for branding elements including logo, brochures, pamphlets, stickers and labels.

Process followed:

We follow a common process for all our clients. As this client had unique requirements, we brainstormed within the team and tailor-made the process that best suited the client’s goals.

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What did we do for the client?

As the products were spa and cosmetics related, we thought of choosing vibrant colors & blends. We picked some random colors from the watercolor palettes to further give the logo a subtle look.

As the client loved the logo we designed, they still continue with our team.