Web Graphics and Website Development for Moexa


Business name:

Moexa Pharmaceuticals Limited


Drug Research and Development

Client's requirement:

This multi national drug research and development client was from Connecticut, USA. The client approached our team for a website that could be educative material for their visitors.

Process followed:

We follow a common process for all our clients. As this client had unique requirements, we brainstormed within the team and tailor-made the process that best suited the client’s goals.

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What did we do for the client?

After understanding the requirements of the client, we started with a logo design. Then we kickstarted developing the website. We created a myriad of images and placed them across the pages relating to drug research.

As the client asked for, we added hexagone shapes on the website as buttons, images and icons. This hexagone demand was very challenging for us, as we created an high defination image of DNA structure using hexagone as cells was time and energy consuming.

But after a few iterations, the client approved the website with warm wishes which was a great reward for us.