Website design for Vinay Arts


Business name:

Vinay Henna Art Studio


Art & Craft

Client's requirement:

The client approached us for a simple online portfolio where his clients can see the artwork.

Process followed:

We follow a common process for all our clients. As this client had unique requirements, we brainstormed within the team and tailor-made the process that best suited the client’s goals. This was a custom development that was developed from scratch.

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What did we do for the client?

The client is a very popular henna artist in Delhi, India who owns a art studio in Delhi. Artistic henna tattoos are very popular and important in Indian culture, especially at important celebrations and rites of passage thats why most of people want to see the previous work of the artist before applying henna on their hands.

This regular demand bring the client to our office to revamp his existing website. Then, we created the design prototype for the website with the new theme, color palette, layout, and style.

Once design was confirmed, we started with the development works. We were so focused on UI and UX, so implemented smooth navigation, user-friendly elements, and so on.